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Photo Gallery of Bum Plugs


To see photos of butt plugs made out of different materials, visit this page.


Differing Lengths

Butt plug - Lock & load


Bulbous with tapered 'waist'

Butt plug - Gumdrops butt plug (Red)


Butt plug - Luna (Red)

  Prostate massage

Prostate stimulator - Aneros progasm (Red)



Butt plug - The screw royal (White / Black)

  With handle

Butt plug - Love pacifier beginner (Pink)

Unusual Shapes

Butt plug - Gumdrops triple bubble (Red)


Butt plug - Tush teaser


Butt plug - Luv buds


Butt plug - Butt candy 

ribbed (Pink)


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